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  • ROHIT Teji

Asst Centre Director Cum Math Instructor @ mathnas...
Physics @ CSJM, Class of 2009
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I have been a teacher for the past fifteen years, imparting to my students the best of my Math, computer, and physics expertise while equipping them with the skills they will need.  I am a Google and Microsoft-certified Innovative educator. I have been a math and physics teacher,  I have experience teaching various levels, including SAT and IMO, and mentoring students for international competitive exams.Math is a language of Physics and lots of calculus and algebra we use in Physics but sometimes we are not good in algebraic expressions, exponent rule, distribution method, number system , chain rule, Product rule , quotient rule of derivative and Solving Integration by Parts in Anti-derivative, various T-ratio and their conversion, Various geo shapes and Mean median mode are become the hurdle in the path of your journey towards perfection just book a session with me feel the difference.
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Frame of Reference, body diagram, calculating velocities and forces using different addition and multiplication of vectors, collision and calculating velocity after collision, finding COM, gravity gravitational potential energy,  work in different kind of process in system and surrounding using laws of thermodynamics and engine, charges and their field and potential and combinations of capacitors and batteries and different combinations of R, using OHM's Law and combination of mirror and lenses using mirror and lens formula and find out power of lens or mirror these are some basic of Physics to be master in Physics and if you want to learn them from Basic to advance level just click and book a session. 



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