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About Roahmin

I win "Most Likely To Be Mistaken As A Student" in the school yearbook EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

The best part is though I look like a peer, I am as respected as the most seasoned teacher in the school.

My coworker recently recognized me as "the most dynamic science teacher" she knows.

I take the time to get to know my students' backgrounds, so I understand how to communicate with them in their language. 

I've had a lot of cool jobs in many different industries from teaching to acting and producing to corporate marketing and management. 

I know how to speak many "industry languages," so not only will I help you learn your coursework, but I'll relate it to you and your specific interests as well.

My degree is in Business Management, but I am certified as a high school science teacher through Teach for America.



University of Maryland College Park
2008 - 2012

Roahmin Murphy

Roahmin Murphy - Georgia Professional Standards Commission
2015 - 2020

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Science Teacher

South Atlanta High School: Computer & Animation Design Academy
Oct 2012 - Aug 2013

Science Teacher

Charles Drew High School
Aug 2013 - Aug 2015


  • Teach for America Alumnus
  • Dynamic - able to quickly adjust and cater to specific learning styles