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Teacher of Mathematics @ Flegg High School, Norwic...
Mathematics @ University of East Anglia, Norwich, ...
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Grade: Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
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I have eleven years of experience teaching mathematics at all levels in the UK and abroad. Currently, I am in charge of numeracy across the curriculum.
Having completed a Doctorate in Education, Masters in Mathematics Education, a PGCE in secondary education, a Bachelor of Science (hons) Degree and eleven years of teaching mathematics in the UK, I have acquired excellent mathematics subject knowledge. In my teaching career, I have set high expectations that motivate, inspire and challenge students to achieve higher grades following the AQA, City and Guilds, IGCSE and EDEXCEL initiatives to raise achievement in mathematics. My lessons are always well structured and promote good progress and outcomes by students.  By use of differentiation, my teaching responds to the strengths and needs of all students and is accompanied by continuous formative and summative assessments to measure progress. I can also confidently teach other subjects.



University of East Anglia
2010 - 2014

Post Graduate Certificate in Education

Post Graduate Certificate in Education - University of East Anglia
2005 - 2019

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