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  • Patrick McKeown

Head of Business @ Nanaran International School
Business @ Stirling University, Class of 1999
I can tutor , ,
Grade: High School, College
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About Patrick

I live in Indonesia, with my Indonesian wife, teaching Business studies at a prestigious International School. I have many year experience of teaching Business studies and English. I have taught at IGCSE, A level and also at University and college level,
I currently teach MBA students from London University. i would consider myself to be outgoing and an excellent communicator. 


Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown - Teaching council Ireland
2013 - 2019

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Business studies and English Teacher

Mar 2015 - Present


 I am a qualified A1 Business assessor, a Btec Business assessor and an International Trade Specialist (ITS) I also work for an Irish online educational company specifically in the areas of trade and ecommerce.

This allows me a remarkable insight into the latest Business trends, which gives my students a clearer undestanding of real world scenarios. 

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