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Math and Statistics @ Miami University, Class of 2...
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I am a creative tutor who likes to help students engage their unqiue gifts and discover their own methods of probelms solving. I will adapt my methods of teaching to meet your individual needs. I have lots of experence tutoring a varity of students. I am a natrual tutor and started instinctively tutoring elementary teachers and fellow students. During high school, I helped students who would otherwise fail math. Since I  graduated, I have worked as a tutor for multiple companies. I've tutored Master's students of ivy league colleges and recived exclusively positive reviews (all 5 stars). 

I am  a fun and engaging tutor who can make math so much fun it's as if time stod still; an hour feels like just a minute with me.  And other times I'm so efficent that I can help you understand in an hour what would take most people multiple lifetimes to explain, or understand. I make the complex simple. Choose me- you won't regret it. 



Miami University
2014 - 2018


Miami University
2014 - 2018

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Varsity Tutors
May 2018 - Present


Jacob Schwrtz Tutoring
Nov 2018 - Present


My specailisties are math, math and math. 

More specifically, I understand the fundemnal theories of these subjectes: logic, algebra, calcus, differential equations, geomoetry, trigonomotry, probablity, statistics, combinatorics, game theory, finance, accounting, ecomonics, excel, R software, decision analysis, game theory, and mathematical proof.

Oh, and I can also help with other easy math like Graph theory.