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Melissa Daniel

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  • Melissa Daniel

College English Professor @ Ashford University
English @ Iowa State University, Class of 1994

About Melissa

I am an experienced English, writng, and reading instructor. I have been teaching in the field for over 17 years. I have experience at the junior high, high school, and college level. I am experienced in all components. I have my master's degree, and I am Arizona state certified grades 6-12. I currently teach high school and university English courses.



Iowa State
1991 - 1994


Northern Arizona University
2001 - 2004


AZ - Arizona Departmet of Education
2016 - 2020

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Online English Instructor

Franklin Virtual High School
Feb 2014 - Present

Online English Instructor

Independence University
Apr 2008 - Present


I can help with the writing process from begininng to end with all types of essays! I can help starting with the outline, to the rough draft, to the final copy. I have experience with MLA and APA formatting. I can help with grammar, mechanics, editing, and revising. Basically, all things English! I am also experienced in reading instruction at all levels.

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