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Katarus Jackson

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  • Katarus Jackson

Teacher/Tutor/Interventionist @ Humble ISD
Psychology @ University of Houston - Central, Clas...
I can tutor , , , ,
Grade: Elementary, Middle School, High School, College, Adult
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About Katarus

I possess eight (8) years of professional teaching experience, and over 15 years of tutoring experience. My educational philosophy is: “Tell me, and I’ll forget; show me, and I’ll remember; but, involve me, and I’ll understand.” This is important to me, because once a student truly understands something, it gives them the freedom to express it in a multitude of ways. Once this is accomplished, and what is learned becomes meaningful, then you have the makings of a truly learned student and person.

I have been involved with youth mentoring programs; on numerous occasions I have been invited as a panelist by my former high school to lecture and speak to current students. I make this known because it shows that students respond to me in a very positive way. I believe that I bring experience, intelligence, understanding, compassion, patience, and most importantly a great desire to educate others. I look forward to working with you.



University of Houston
2003 - 2006

Standard Teaching Certificate

Standard Teaching Certificate - A Texas Teachers
2014 - 2020

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University of Houston
2003 - 2006

Teaching Certificate

4-8 Generalist - A Texas Teachers
2009 - 2020
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Humble ISD
Jan 2015 - May 2015

EMT-English Medium Teacher

Abu Dhabi Educarion Council
Aug 2014 - Jan 2015

Teacher/Math Coach/Spelling Bee Coordinator

Spring ISD
Aug 2007 - Aug 2014


Math (elementary/grade school, middle school)
Social Studies/History

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