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3rd Grade Teacher @ Webster Elementary School
Elementary Education @ Hope College, Class of 2014
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Grade: Elementary, Middle School
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I am delighted to present myself to you for consideration as a tutor. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education, and a state of Colorado and Michigan teaching license. I have the desire to provide all students with an outstanding education. In my current 3rd grade position at Webster Elementary, I have assisted in developing and teaching the 3rd grade curriculum. Working at Webster has allowed me to refine and develop my skills as a primary level educator as I worked to successfully plan and implement both whole group and small group standards-based, differentiated, and culturally responsive instruction across all content areas. This experience with a primary grade level has been very enriching and distinguishes me as a highly qualified candidate for being a tutor. I have previously assisted in classrooms ranging from kindergarten through 8th grade and am passionate about developing positive relationships with each student to help foster a better learning environment



Hope College
2010 - 2014

Michigan Certification

Michigan Certification - Michigan
2014 - 2020

Colorado Certification

Colorado Certification - Colorado Department of Education
2015 - 2020

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3rd Grade Teacher

Webster Elementary School
Aug 2014 - Present


Webster Elementary School
Aug 2014 - Present

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