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  • Julian Nixon

Professor @ Greenville Technical College
Animal & Veterinary Sciences/Food Microbology @ Cl...
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Grade: Middle School, High School, College
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About Julian

My name is Julian and I love Anatomy & Physiology!!! I like using examples, cartoons, comics, movies, rawings, images, videos to help everyone to understand scientific concepts. I am a College Professor, a founder of two start up companies: Make it Plain LLC (Educational & Leadership Solutions Company) and and Tall Gamez Inc (an Educational Game Development Start Up). I have been a Academic Department Head, University Research Assistant, and Animal & Food Industry Lab Manager. I have two YouTube channels to help students undrstand Anatomy & Physiology: daprofessa77 and daprofessa nixon. I have recieved local, state and national awards in education.




Clemson University
1995 - 2000


Clemson University
2000 - 2003

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Animal & Veterinary Sciences

Clemson University
2017 - 2021
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Greenville Technical College
Aug 2005 - Present


I have over 13 years of experience in Higher Education, 4 years of youth camp experience, and over 7 years of student ministry experience. I am a team member of an educational think tank called RAE (Research, Analysis, Experience), TEDxGreenville, MESH-SC (Manufacturing, Engineering, Sciences and Health Sciences) and TRiO Upward Bound. I have created science courses, science tutoring programs, and science social media channels.

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