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Hello!  I am a young physician (Graduate from U. of Cincinnati College of Medicine, class of 2011) with 7+ years of MCAT teaching/tutoring experience for a well-known test prep company. I have mentored and taught the MCAT to hundreds of pre-medical students who have went on to matriculate into medical school. During my tenure teaching this test, I have gained the expertise needed to help you master this predictable standardized test. Some of the things I will help you with are: develop a realistic and efficient study plan, help you with MCAT specific test strategies, and guide you through any of the science content that you need help understanding.

Additional subjects that I have successfully tutored are Biochemistry (My FAVORITE!), USMLE (Scored 260 on Step 1, 261 on Step 2), Anatomy (Earned the golden scalpal given to the top anatomy medical student in my medical school class), Biology (I have a B.S. in Biology), and other sciences.



University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
2007 - 2011

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Kaplan Test Prep
Apr 2007 - Apr 2016

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