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  • Jonathan Covington, MSEE

Adjunct Mathematics Professor @ Northern Virginia ...
Electrical Engineering @ GA Tech, Class of 1993
I can tutor , , , ,
Grade: High School, College
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About Jonathan

If Mathematics strikes fear in your heart, then strike back!  There's no need to fear; in fact, you may well be surprised at your innate ability.

Consider this.  Your ancestors - no matter your nation or pedigree - had to plow the land, manange the resources, true the wall.  They didn't shrink from their duties!  Then neither should we.  They used Mathematics, and so must we all.

I have 20+ years' experience teaching all levels of Mathematics to students of various levels of ability and preparation.  I know how to find that missing connection, and I know how to get the gears to mesh.

You can understand Mathematics, and I can help you to do it.  Why wait?  Contact me before that assignment is due, or before that exam looms!

Strike a blow for success!
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Statistics, Calculus, Algebra, Physics; GRE, ACT, SAT prep; Discrete Math, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, Number Theory, Differential Equations.



GA Tech
1990 - 1993

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University of South Carolina
1986 - 1990

Electronics Technology

DeVry Institute of Technology
1980 - 1983
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