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Pilot @ USAF
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I am a professional with 24 years of experience serving as an officer/pilot in the US Air Force. I was born in Greece and accumulated over 12 years of invaluable experience as a child living overseas, and most recently living in Belgium. These opportunities have profoundly defined the way I perceive the world and how I relate with others. My teaching experience is gathered from serving as Assistant Professor in a US military college, and seven years as Instructor Pilot to fellow pilots in the most advanced plane ever built, the B-2 “Stealth” Bomber. The past year has been a big year for me and my family; wife and 9 & 7 year-old boys. We moved to Belgium!  While I continue to serve in the Air Force, I want to build experience with math learners. Although I’m licensed to teach middle/high school students, I’m also eager to engage all ages with the wonderful world of ideas related to math. 



Air University
1991 - 1995


Educator - State of Florida Department of Education
2018 - 2023

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Business Administration

TUI Univeristy
2007 - 2009
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Air University
Jul 1995 - Present


My current specialty is still flying airplanes.  That said, I feel my skills as a pilot, my formal degree in mathematics, and my appreciation for the wonderful world of math create a very unique specialty that few educators can provide.