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Special Education Teacher @ Public High School in ...
Masters in Special Education @ University of Utah,...
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Grade: Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
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About Jessica

I love to learn and I enjoy teaching even more! I studied neuroscience at Brigham Young University and graduated in Molecular and Cellular Biology from University of Arizona. I worked in autism and cancer research labs before returning to school for my masters in Special Education from the University of Utah. Since then, I've worked as a high school special education teacher, have spent time living abroad in Peru, and have worked as an administrator at a nonprofit special education school. I'm excited to help you learn and have a rich background in education and strategies to help make learning easier for you!



University of Arizona
2008 - 2009


University of Utah
2011 - 2013

Education Specialist Instuction Credential

Education Specialist Instuction Credential - California Comission on Teacher Credentialing
2015 - 2020

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