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Grade: Elementary, Middle School, High School
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While earning my B.S in Environmental Engineering from the University of California San Diego, I worked as an academic adviser and orientation leader, but my work with students began in high school as a math tutor for close family friends and my cousins. My positive experience with students in academia inspired me to tutor professionally. After more than two years of working as a tutor on various platforms, I still find it incredibly rewarding. I am a very patient and dedicated tutor, and I always give students the extra time and support they need in order to succeed. I am always on the lookout for online resources to complement my tutoring sessions and to share with students. Moreover, through my years of experience, I have learned to effectively communicate with students and adapt my tutoring methods to better suit their learning styles and personalities. 
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Staff engineer

GHD Services
Jan 2020 - Oct 2020


Idea Tutors
Oct 2018 - Present


Varsity Tutors
Feb 2019 - Present


In high school, I relied heavily on memorization to pass my tests and get good grades. This worked well until I got to college where I quickly realized that this style of "learning" is not sustainable. It took me a long time to fix my study and learning habits and to start learning by understanding concepts rather than memorizing them. I tutor by this philosophy; my goal is to keep students engaged in learning and avoid having them memorize things when I can find a relatable way to teach them. I have successfully helped students who have fallen behind in classes improve their grades from Fs and Ds to Cs, Bs and As.

My specialties include:
- Math: Prealgebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry
- Chemistry including Honors Chemistry
- Spanish all levels including AP Spanish Language



University of California San Diego
2014 - 2018

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