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Oral English Teacher @ Qingdao Academy
Mathematics @ Texas A&M University - Kingsville, C...
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I am not currently available, because my contract prevents me from doing other work when school is in session.

I have more than 10 years of experience teaching mathematics and physics at international schools and in the US. I once called the math teacher of a student I was tutoring, and she told me, “I don’t know what to do: she just can’t learn!” I replied, “I believe that all students can learn if we can figure out how to help them.” Only one month later, she was student of the month! :)

English is my first language, but I’m also pretty good at Spanish, and I know enough Russian to help students from Russia or the former USSR.

Beyond the standard curriculum, I have experience teaching physics at the IB level and taught an international curriculum for 3 years based on the Cambridge IGCSE’s. My students have done extremely well on their standardized exams - as I have done.
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Oral English Teacher

Qingdao Academy
Feb 2019 - Present

Science Teacher

Qingdao Academy
Jul 2019 - Present


I am highly qualified to help with standardized test prep as evidenced by the following:
> I scored a full 800 on the math section of the GRE;
> I scored a 98th percentile 780 of 800 on the analytical section of the GRE back when the test was very similar to the current GMAT;
> I scored a 29 on the ACT with 29 on English, 29 on Math, 31 on Reading and 28 on Science Reasoning;
> the Algebra team on which I taught at Rowe High School produced the strongest 9th grade TAKS performance in school history;
> my Algebra students had approximately 3 times the statewide passing rate for the subgroup that I taught (excluding the PreAP students - essentially all of whom pass the test);
> I had 8 Algebra students rated as Exceptional by the state though I did not teach any PreAP students, and this was very much above average;
> many of my students have done very well on the SAT Physics test and on the SAT Mathematics test. . . .



Texas A&M University - Kingsville
1996 - 2000


The University of Texas - Pan American
2003 - 2009

Secondary: Grades 8-12 (original certificate issued 2001, renewed 2016)

Secondary: Grades 8-12 (original certificate issued 2001, renewed 2016) - Texas State Board for Educator Certification
2016 - 2022

Mathematics Grades 8-12

Mathematics Grades 8-12 - Texas State Board for Educator Certification
2005 - 2022

Science Grades 8-12

Science Grades 8-12 - Texas State Board for Educator Certification
2012 - 2022

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