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Fatuma Hydara

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  • Fatuma Hydara

10th Grade English Teacher @ New Heights Academy C...
English/Adolescent Education @ Pace University, Cl...
I can tutor , , , ,
Grade: High School, College
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About Fatuma

Hi! I'm a 10th grade English teacher at a charter school in Harlem. This is my third year teaching and I absolutely love working with struggling inner-city students, with huge personalities and seeing them grow as readers, writers, speakers, thinkers, and people. I truly believe that being a well-round, critical reader and writer is so important to being an informed citizen. So, I take my work seriously. I make sure to guide and support students as they come to a deeper understanding of a text and/or expressing their thoughts in writing. It's important to work at a student's pace and make sure they are secure in a skill before moving on. I look forward to working with you!

Overall, I'm a major nerd about Literature, Writing, Education, and Psychology. When I am not teaching or reading, I am watching Korean dramas and listening to K-pop. =)



Pace University
2009 - 2013

English Language Arts, 7-12

English Language Arts, 7-12 - New York Department of Education
2014 - 2019

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10th Grade English Teacher

New Heights Academy Charter School
Aug 2014 - Present


  • Close-reading/Annotation Stategies
  • Critical Reading
  • Writing--argumentative, literary analysis, narrative
  • Common Core Standards

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