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Teacher @ Nanaimo District Secondary School
Education @ Vancouver Island University, Class of ...
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Grade: Elementary, Middle School, High School
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As a teacher with experience in primary, elementary, middle, and highschool education, I have always prided myself on my ability to relate and connect to students. Getting to know my students first helps me identify their needs in their learning and meet them where they are in order to ensure we have the foundation to move forward in our learning. I am an adaptive, understanding, and patient educator that has a passion for cultivating curiosity and learning in such a critical point in ones education and personal growth. I have had the most success using a gradual release of responsibility (I do, we do, you do) which allows me to model a lesson, complete it concurrently, and then allow the learner their space to complete their task. You must pass failure on the way to success so it is important that leanrers recognize their mistakes as opportunities for growth; hence, having a growth mindset is something I encourage my students to grapple with in their learning.



Vancouver Island University
2015 - 2017

Teacher Qualification Service

Teacher Qualification Service - BCTF
2017 - 2024

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Although not listed on my Bachelor's Degree's, I am proficient in teaching math up to Calculus; I am very comfortable with teaching math from the fundamentals up to Calculus and quite enjoy it. 

Currently, I am teaching a group of vulnerable youth in a learning alternatives approach which has given me experience in being flexible with teaching and learning styles as well as identifying gaps in students foundational skills. I am looking to treat the root of this issue in my tutoring and not simply treating a symptom of acquiring new skills or the failure to do so. 

My background is in history/social studies, specifically First Nations Studies in Canada & Social Justice, and PHED but, as previously stated, am confident in teaching math as well as english support.