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  • Diego D. Navarra

PhD @ London School of Economics, Class of 2006

About Diego D.

In the past 14 years, I have taught, supervised and tutored more than 1000 BSc, MSc and PhD students from around the world (both online and offline). I have taught project management, IT architecture/strategy, G-IS governance & management, business analysis tools & techniques.I have experience as a programme leader and module coordinator also in the fields of Business and Management, IT Strategy and Management, Global Business and Sustainable Management, Business Administration, Organizational Development, Public Sector Management and Research Methods (Qualitative & Quantitative), supervising & managing research projects, (re)developing curricula for eLearning in VLEs, producing course syllabi and designing evaluation methods together with colleagues and support staff. 



London School of Economics
2002 - 2006

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