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Head of Voice and Speech @ Theatrum Elysium
Voice and Speech Pedagogy @ Harvard University, Cl...
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I belive that as a teacher my job is to empower with knowledge and inspire my students to grow their curiosity.  I'm Ivy League educated, having recieved my Master's Degree in Voice and Speech Pedagogy from Harvard University.  

I can speak with authority on any number of subjects, but above all, I am still a curious learner.  My job isn't just to impart the knowledge to my students, but it's to teach them how to be the right kind of learner, so the knowledge sticks and is actually useful to them in life and work.  Facts become meaningless, but knowledge breeds with experience to become a worldview for the rest of a student's life.

I'll be one of the only people out there who is as interested in your success as you are!



Harvard University
2005 - 2007

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Voice and Speech, Public Speaking, Shakespeare, Accents and Dialects, Phoenetics, English, ESL, Rhetoric, Writing, Essays, Literature, Theatre History, Dramatic Literature, Film and Television, Acting