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  • Caleb Johnson

Chemistry Teacher @ Jefferson County Public School...
MAT @ Western Kentucky University, Class of 2013
I can tutor ,
Grade: High School, College
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About Caleb

Pre-emptive tl;dr:
  • Chemistry-BS from NCSU
  • 3 years tutoring experience
  • CRLA Level III Certification
  • MAT from WKU
  • 3 years teaching experience, including AP Chemistry
OK I get it, you want to pass chemistry. I can make that happen. But I can also help you understand chemistry - and that's no easy task!

In college I tutored chemistry for 3 years at NCSU while getting a Chemistry BS - yowsers, a genuine degree?!? I tutored 1 on 1, in group sessions, and as a Supplemental Instruction tutor (basically a TA that actually cares). I even acquired CRLA Level III certification. 
After graduating I wanted to continue spreading my love for the greatest subject ever - so I went to WKU to get an MAT. I was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Student in Science prize while there. Now I've had 3 years of teaching experience.
We can do it!



Western Kentucky University
2012 - 2013


North Carolina State University
2009 - 2013


Western Kentucky University
2013 - 2014

Professional Certificate for Teaching Chemistry

Professional Certificate for Teaching Chemistry - KPSB
2014 - 2019

Certificate for Teachers and Other Professional School Personnel

Certificate for Teachers and Other Professional School Personnel - Commonwealth of Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board
2014 - 2019

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Criminal Record Check

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SI Tutor

NCSU University Tutorial Center
Aug 2010 - May 2013


Jefferson County Public Schools
Apr 2013 - Present


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