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Brandon Best

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  • Brandon Best

Intervention Specialist @ South-Western Cit School...
Education @ Ohio State University, Class of 2013
I can tutor , , , ,
Grade: Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
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About Brandon

I have worked as a teacher going into my third year now. I am a math intervention specialist in a middle school. I have also done home instruction for kids in the district that I work for. I truely enjoy working with kids and seeing them grow in no matter what setting I work with them. I am hoping that while working with you I am able to grow you and to see you learn. I truly care about you learning the material and seeing you succeed. 



The Ohio State University
2009 - 2013

Teaching Certificate

Teaching Certificate - ODE
2015 - 2019

Teaching License

Teaching License - ODE
2015 - 2019

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6th Grade Teacher

South-Western City Schools
Apr 2015 - Present


I am currently a special education teacher in math. I work with all sorts of types of different kids from those who struggle with math to the gifted population. 

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