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Graduate Research Assistant @ Auburn University
Chemical Engineering @ University of Texas at Aust...
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Grade: High School, College
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About Bianca

In my family, the importance of education has always been stressed. My parents and grandparents instilled a love of learning in me very early in life that has continued throughout my education. I hope to share that love of learning with my students with every tutoring experience. I have both a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Auburn University and a master's chemical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. My education at both of these institutions provided me with a strong foundation in mathematics and chemistry.
I worked as a teaching assistant, teaching courses for undergraduate college age and adult students. In addition to teaching, I served as a mentor at the local Boys and Girls Club in Austin. TX assisting middle school and high school students.As a tutor, I work to help students to improve their grades and gain confidence in their abilities. Through tutoring I hope to inspire the next generation of engineers and professionals.



University of Texas at Austin
2012 - 2014

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