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Programmer @ Freelancer
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About Ashish

I have admired the student capabilities in learning things. I volunteered from the school days till today as a teacher and a guide to many fellow students, juniors, school students, and friends.
I have an urge to apply all my techniques in teaching a student whatever the topic it is.
I am holding a master's degree with a GPA of 3.73, and a topper in undergraduate and high school studies.
I can speak read and write 5 different languages and as a son of the Hindu priest also can teach about Indian Religions if its a part of your subject.
I am a Software Engineer and I have around 7 years of teaching experience as a part time from my company and my interests.
I hope you will have a good time with me in learning smart skills to learn rather than spending hours on the same topic to understand it.

I believe in "Saving time to research and practice, and learning smartly with useful techniques"


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