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Teacher @ State of Kansas
Special Education-Learning Disabilities @ Universi...
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Grade: Elementary, Middle School, High School, Kindergarten
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About Angela

I am a licensed certified teacher in elementary education and learning disabilities. I have dual masters degrees in Education and Social Work. I graduated from the University of Kansas with a MSE in Education with a concentration in Learning Disabilites. I also hold a Masters in Social Work (MSW). I am passionate about teaching reading and it just so happens that I'm great at it. LOL, but really! I love teaching students who struggle with learning.  I have lots of tools and tricks to help you learn and remember.  We will have a great time being learners and teachers together. 



Professional - Department of Education Kansas
2014 - 2019

Identity Document




Kansas City Kansas Public Schools USD 500
Jan 2001 - May 2001

Special Education Teacher

Kansas City Kansas Public Schools USD 500
Aug 2001 - Jun 2006

Supplemental Education Teacher

Crittenton Children's Center
Jun 2006 - Jul 2011

Special Education Teacher

Kansas City Kansas Public Schools USD 500
Aug 2011 - Present


Reading (beginning and comprehension strategies)
Elementary math up to Algebra 1
Struggling Learners
Learning Disabilities


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