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Alexander Loncar

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  • Alexander Loncar

History @ University of British Columbia, Class of...
I can tutor , , , ,
Grade: High School
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About Alexander

I am a certified teacher who graduated from UBC recently and have decided to delve into the world of online tutoring. To give a brief summary of my qualifications outside of UBC's teacher program and practicum: I have been a constant tutor for Britannia Secondary's Homework Club, I have a Bachelor's of Arts with a major in History, I have an International Baccalaureate Diploma, and have both participated in and helped to mentor a debate club.

My experience and ecducation has given me flexibility and a wide array of information to draw upon while teaching or tutoring. In addition to this, however, I do have specific interests. My two main concerns are Critical Thinking and Skill Development. In this day and age content is plentiful, which makes the ability to evaluate and use that content even more important to learn.

In my spare time I play the odd video game or two, paint little plastic models, read, and occasionally fence.



University of British Columbia
2008 - 2012


University of British Columbia
2014 - 2015

Certificate of Qualification

Certificate of Qualification - Bc Teacher Regulation Branch
2015 - 2017

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Criminal Record Check

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