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Hi! My names Alex. I currently am living in Vienna, Austria, persuing further degrees in Economics and Data Science. I studied at the Uniiversity of Arkansas before, achieving majors in Physics and German, with minors in Mathematics and STEM Education. I tend to be very big into nonfiction books, video games, music, philosophy, politics, languages, the list goes on.

My passion for teaching comes down to the base idea that teaching is about learning together. What drives me is the sudden feeling of understanding that my students arrive at, and the burst of confidence that comes with it. I find this highly important with Physics and Math, as those subjects can really hurt ones self confidence. It is apart of my goal to rebuild that confidence, and hopefully inspire the student into find Math and Physics at least a little cool.



University of Arkansas
2010 - 2015

Arkansas Department of Education Teaching License

Arkansas Department of Education Teaching License - Arkansas Department of Education
2017 - 2021

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Head of Physics

Enhanced Learning Center @ The U of A
Mar 2013 - Jul 2015

English Teacher

Fulbright Austria
Sep 2015 - Jul 2017

House Tutor

AMADEUS International School Vienna
Jul 2017 - May 2019


My teaching style is dominantly student driven. I will tend to ask the student to 'just guess' on a problem that they feel lost on, and then from there we can build around why it would work, or would not work, which then leads to the student finding the right solution with minimal 'telling' on my part. From there, I tend to lean on the socratic method of teaching. Asking questions to guide the student to the answer. At the end of the day though, I am dynamic in my teaching, using several approaches when others do not work. That is the true job.

My favorite subject in math is definitely Calculus. I find it quite beautiful in what it does, and hope to inspire the student to see that as well. This definitel enhances learning the subject, because, of course, if you find it interesting you will learn it with speed and fun.

In Physics my focus was more on mechanical physics. I find the subject quite intuitive and dynamic in how you can teach it.