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  • Adam Roberts

Teacher @ Wake County Public Schools
Mathematics @ Lenoir-Rhyne, Class of 2013
I can tutor , , ,
Grade: Middle School, High School, College, Adult
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As a math teacher, I regularly encounter students who don't believe they're good at math. One of the wonderful things about being a teacher is having the opportunity to help students overcome that belief. Mathematics can be challenging, but no student is incapable. When I meet with a new student, I take time to understand how the student best learns and if there are any concepts they are struggling with. When I teach a new concept to students, I explain it in two or three different ways because not all students approach things in the same way. I encourage students to become more confident in their work by encouraging questions, practicing with students, and helping students overcome barriers in their understanding.




Lenoir-Rhyne University
2011 - 2013


2014 - 2015


9-12 - North Carolina
2014 - 2017

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