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Graduate Student @ Bowling Green State University
Chemistry @ Bowling Green State University, Class ...
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About Aco

I graduated from the University of Belgrade with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. I realized that the classes that the professors had designed in such a way were the ones that I valued and enjoyed the most. As a result, I earned my doctorate in the field of organic chemistry and analytical photochemistry. These professors’ enormous influence made me recognize the true potential of my graduate teaching assistant position during my graduate school. Thus, I inspired college students in their endeavors through creative, deep, and thorough learning sessions. I thought general, organic, inorganic, and analytical chemistry throughout my graduate degree. I demonstrated ability to provide academic needs to college students. As a result of my efforts, the Department of Chemistry nominated me for 2018 Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award for Graduate College of BGSU.



Bowling Green State University
2017 - 2022

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Highly driven, passionate, and enthusiastic chemist with the goal-oriented and purpose-driven mindset. I am highly knowledgeable in organic and analytical chemistry. I prepared and facilitated laboratory and theoretical (recitation)-type lessons in smaller and larger groups with 1-to-1 additonal office hours. Key specialties: patience, flexibility, great communication skills with ability to help students visualize, and self-disciplined.