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About Abinash

Hello there! I am Abinash. I have a Master's degree in Physics and currently pursuing my PhD in Black Hole physics. Being a theoretical physicist, I have a solid understanding of basic concepts of physics and higher-level mathematics with exceptional reasoning and problem-solving ability. I have helped my friend's brother in Canada with co-ordinate geometry and calculus to improve his average from 82% past the class average to 91% in the exams.

You should be in touch with me if:
  • You need help understanding the concepts of Physics
  • You need assistance with Mathematics
  • You need someone to discuss your (not-)stupid ideas in these areas
  • You are curious
Why am I the best suit for you:
  • I am confident in my Mathematics and Physics skills
Request to students: Kindly upload your question or doubt while booking a session with me.
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Research Assistant

Indian Institute of Technology
Dec 2015 - May 2017


I am passionate to teach and encourage critical thinking. I specialize in tutoring all levels of math from introductory algebra through multivariable calculus and physics from Newton's motion to Einstein's relativity. 

My approach is slightly different to the common method  — concepts first and then problems. I believe in learning concepts through application/examples. This brainstorming of the initial problem will make you think more and form an intuitive notion of the idea by yourself. I can then explain the underlining principle and do some more problems solidifying the theory in your mind.

I believe in approaching a problem from various perspectives to gain clarity, especially catering to the student's thinking process. I will help you achieve your academic goals and prepare you for what lies beyond.



Savitribai Phule Pune University
2013 - 2015

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