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Middle School English @ Lesley University

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BFA degree and TESL certificate @ The University of British Co...

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Master of Arts - Education @ Ashford University

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psychology/languages & literature @ sarah lawrence college

Contact Geraldine

MA in Childhood and Youth @ Open University of the UK

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Fine Arts @ London Metropolitan University

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MSc in Applied Linguistics & Second Language Acquisition @ Uni...

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Finance @ University of Houston

Contact Amber

Information Design @ University of Pretoria

Contact Nastacia

English @ Lille Catholique University

Contact Adam

Studio Art @ University of Guelph

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Why use online tutoring for ESL help?

An online tutor with access to the right tools can prove to be very valuable to ESL students. Although learning to read and write English can take place on other forms of online study sites, learning how to speak involves live conversation. It’s important for the ESL student to hear the tutor pronounce English words and for the tutor to hear student as well. The online classroom allows for the student and tutor to converse in real time, which is instrumental in unlocking English learning potential.

Most English language exams require the student to demonstrate an understanding of reading, writing, and speaking; ESL tutoring is key in helping students succeed in everyday life and academically as well.

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The Skooli online classroom is especially equipped to provide the best English help for ESL students. The interactive whiteboard allows for the tutor and student to practice English spelling and grammar in a collaborative way. When used in combination with the live HD video communication, live chat, and file sharing features, the space is the most efficient online space available for ESL help online.