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Dr. Suzanne Ondrus @ John Carroll University
Comparative Literary & Cultural Studies @ The Univ...
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Grade: Middle School, High School, College
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About Suzanne

I am passionate about academic excellence!  For 20 years at universities in America, Germany, & Russia, I have taught Composiiton, English language, Creative Writing, Women's & Gender Studies and literature courses.  I have worked with ESL & EFL students.  I speak French, Italian, German, and some Russian, Spanish, and Slovenian.  I get your essays and scholarly articles in top form though addressing thesis statements, insertion of quotes, proper citation, organization, convincing examples, and development of ideas.  I have edited scholarly publications in the fields of biology, law, literature, and business.



The University of Connecticut
2007 - 2014


Bowling Green State University
2004 - 2006

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Composiiton, Publishing articles and creative writing, English language, Creative Writing, Women's & Gender Studies and literature courses.

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