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My name is Logan Bessell and I'm an educator who doesn't just love physics, I love physics education. I have experience in Honors Physics and AP Physics classrooms and would love to help you out with what's confusing you!

I know a lot of times in physics you can feel like you've hit a wall - the variables look like a foreign language, you don't understand what's going, and the equations are making absolutely no sense.

That's where I come in.

I'm here to unlock those equations for you and show you how they can be used to describe the universe around you and help you to actually make sense of them. Instead of memorizing for an exam, you will actually understand physics. This isn't just my job, It's what I really love to do!

So don't stress! Reach out and together we'll master physics!
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Western Governors University
2015 - 2019

Logan Bessell

Logan Bessell - Pennsylvania Department of Education
2020 - 2026

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