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  • Lindsey Tuckett

Online Teaching Program Manager @ Teach Away
Education: Junior/Intermediate History and General...
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Grade: Elementary, Middle School
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About Lindsey

Hello! I'm very passionate about education. I hold a Honours Bachelors of Arts in History and Sociology and a Bachelors of Education, with a concenration on Junior/Intermediate levels in History. I have 6 years of full time teaching experience teaching students between the ages of 6-18. My teaching experience overseas has allowed me to become a truly enclusive educator. I am able to differentiate instruction based on content (scaffolding to build foundational knowledge to help students fully understand new concepts and fill in previous 'gaps' in knowledge), process (allowing students to learn by providing multiple resources appealing to different learning types) and by product (allowing students to multiple pathways to demonstrate their learnings). I am very excited to work with students of all ages and learning levels and look forward to providing students with the utmost quality in tutoring education!



York University
2003 - 2008


2014 - 2025

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York University
2003 - 2008

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