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  • Daniel Ley

Data Analyst @ Frontier Airlines
MBA @ University of Tennessee, Class of 2012
I can tutor , , , ,
Grade: High School, College
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About Daniel

Fairly diverse background, come from an academic family. Father is a retired professor, I spent 13 months teaching adults (Primarily post-graduate level conversational and written English) in East Asia after I finished graduate school. I have trained large military units of several hundred troops at once in various topics ranging from security to geopgrahy to personal finance. 

My education background is an AS & BS in Business Admin, as well as an MBA focusing on International Business and management. I've guest lectured college classes on cyber security and computer forensics, done IT security for government satellites, and currently work as a data analyst for a major airline. 

Interests include macroeconomics, geography, geopolitics, and disuptor technologies that will change society in our liftetimes. Backpacked through about 15 countries in less than 3 years, passport is about due to retire. 



University of Tennessee
2011 - 2012

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Data Analyst

Frontier Airlines
Aug 2016 - Present

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