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Teacher/Math Chair @ RCPS
Early Childhood Education @ Mercer University, Cla...
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Grade: Elementary, Middle School
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"When will I use this in my life?" Chances are most things-you won't. BUT your education is more important than your schooling. The point is to teach you how to think so that you can make sense of the world- and the material on the next math test. The point is to teach you how you learn best so that you can be successful whether you get the teacher you really wanted or not- this will help when you don't get the boss you want. The point is to make you a self sufficient learner, capable of reaching and achieving far more than you ever thought possible. I'll help you get there. I'm a gifted and talented teacher. You ARE a gifted and talented student. I'll bring it out of you.



Mercer University
2008 - 2010


T5 - GPS
2010 - 2019

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  • Common Core Guru
  • Gifted and Talented Teache
  • I make the content "live"
  • Unorthodox problem solver
  • The sky isn't even the limi
  • Your favorite teacher's favorite teache

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