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Spanish Teacher @ Jackson Madison County School Sy...
Spanish minor @ University of Tennessee at Martin,...
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I started learning Spanish in the 6th grade and did not understand anything.  However, I've always had meticulous teachers that knew what they were doing and have been willing to take time out to explain any concept to me, no matter how small.  I started attending a Spanish speaking church in the 9th grade, since my parents did not have money to send me abroad.  The experience proved invaluable since it gave me an environment where I could be free to make mistakes and where I was constantly learning new words.  I ended up making a 5 on the AP Spanish test and when I got to college, I chose Spanish as my minor.  During my second year, I started tutoring in Spanish.  I currently teach Spanish to 10th-12th graders.  I have visited Mexico, Belize, and Nicaragua.  I enjoy watching movies and YouTube videos in Spanish and teaching culture to others to broaden both their and my cultural horizons.



university of tennessee at martin
2006 - 2012

Spanish 6-12

Spanish 6-12 - tennessee
2016 - 2019

Thomas Allen Farrington-Hess

Thomas Allen Farrington-Hess - Tennessee Dept of Education
2016 - 2019

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