A Personalized Tutoring Program for Your School

Skooli is designed help students advance their academic potential. We offer custom academic support programs designed to meet the specific needs of your students – at no cost to your school. Help your students reach their goals by supplementing in-class learning with personalized help after school hours.

Skooli Helps Schools Support Student Success

Academic help that extends beyond the classroom
1:1 support in your specified grade level and subject areas
Personalized learning from a network of professional teachers
Support the counselling department with academic resources
No costs to your school and bonus free tutoring credit

How It Works

Customized tutoring program

Your school receives a customized tutoring program designed to the needs of your students. A curated network of tutors is accessible from your unique school branded landing page on Skooli.com.

Improved learning with technology

Learning is simplified in our digital classroom with video conferencing, online chat, document sharing, and an interactive whiteboard. Your students will be able to access the best help available – through any device.

A safe place to learn online

All tutors are professionally screened to meet the highest standards and our classroom is packed with safety features like recorded sessions, tutor reporting, and profanity filters.

No cost to the school

Flexible subscription plans allow parents and students to sign up for only the tutoring they need.

New to online tutoring? It makes learning easier.

  • See your tutor with video
  • Speak to each other with high quality audio
  • Write, type, and draw on the digital whiteboard
  • Chat via instant messaging
  • Share files like essay, diagrams, tests
  • Replay tutoring sessions.

I hated math before I used Skooli. Now I love getting my math tests back to see how much better I do each time!

My Skooli tutor was so helpful for exam prep. She worked with me on my study guide and now I feel a lot more confident for exam day.

Skooli is saving us time, money and tears! My husband and son spent agonizing hours pouring over math homework. After only two sessions, my son was exclaiming how much he loves math.

Wyatt has improved by whole letter grades and scored 100% on a math test for the first time.

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