The benefits of a personalized, online approach to learning math

Engaging in quality personalized learning that incorporates one-on-one mentorship and mastery learning is the single best way for a student to improve academic performance (our CEO, Dave Frey, wrote an in-depth piece on this in EdSurge). However, the way in which personalized learning is so effective changes depending on the specific subject. When it comes

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Access online tutoring from your mobile device with the Skooli app

online tutoring app Skooli iOS tutors online

At Skooli, providing an online tutoring service we’re proud of means constantly reimagining our platform, developing our classroom to add new features, and integrating with other technologies. We’re happy to announce the newest addition to Skooli’s personalized learning toolbox: the mobile app. The Skooli mobile app is designed to enhance the virtual classroom experience for

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Tutor insight: How Avery is finding success with online math tutoring

Meet Avery Berkowitz. He’s a fantastic online math tutor who’s taking full advantage of the Skooli platform. After receiving his first session request in December 2015, he’s now booking 3-4 hours of online math tutoring per week. And he’s doing so while maintaining a 5-star rating and collecting regular positive reviews from his students and their

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