Hey parents, earn free tutoring time for your child!

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Hey parents, did you know you can earn free online tutoring time for your child by referring friends to Skooli? Yep, Skooli’s Refer-a-Friend program allows you to collect tutoring credit just by sharing a link with other parents and students who could benefit from online tutoring.

On top of that, friends you refer will earn free tutoring time, too!

How much free tutoring time can I earn?
Great question. For each friend you refer, you and your friend each get $15 in Skooli credit. You can refer as many friends as you like, so the ceiling is as high as you make it.

How do I refer friends?
Here’s a simple step-by-step outline of how Skooli’s Refer-a-Friend program works:

  1. As a current Skooli parent, you get a unique link to share with friends who want to sign up for Skooli. Find your link here. Send that link to a friend! (Tip: You can copy it and send it however you like or use our built in form to send it via email, Facebook, or Twitter.)
  2. Your friend signs up for Skooli and completes an online tutoring session.
  3. You get $15 of Skooli credit, your friend gets $15 of Skooli credit.
  4. Send your link to more friends! Earn more.

Where do I get started?
Right here. Hit that link, get your referral code, and start earning.

If you’re not ready to grab your referral code right this minute, just use the “Earn Free Tutoring Time” option in your dropdown menu next time you’re logged into Skooli. It looks like this:

Happy earning.

Skooli’s Refer-a-Friend Program Terms & Conditions

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  • Sakya Somnath Das

    Good things

  • Gabby Harold

    In this way students can both earn and study through this free tutoring app and they won’t need any tutors for it.